The Story of All Saints'

Our Open Day on Saturday 12 October 2019 saw the launch of our new publication (made possible by the National Lottery Heritage Fund) - "The Story of All Saints".  We will be inclluding excerpts of this exciting publication on the website but please do contact us at if you would like to buy a copy.  It is just £10.  



Chapter 1 - Mr Newbold's Disturbing Failings

Chapter 2 - Revered Collier's Unwanted Daughter

Chapter 3 - The 'Godless Hamlet'

Chapter 4 - The Love Potion

Chapter 5 - Gongs

Chapter 6 - The War Memorial

Chapter 7 - The War of Two Vicars

Chapter 8 - Badminton!

Chapter 9 - Lights Out - The Second World War

Chapter 10 - The Dancing Bear - Life in the 1950s