Our Vision

As a church in the Catholic tradition within the Church of England, we hope to bring the life of prayer and the transformation of all things in Christ to the day-to-day concerns of all men and women of good will in our community.  Our Vision is to be an “Open Church”.  

As part of our wish to obtain a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to assist in funding our roof repair project, we are involved in a number of activities, including enhancing our offerings to local schools (producing specific material to promote the heritage of the church) and producing a history of All Saints’.  We will also be looking at opportunities to open the church on a more regular basis outside of service times.

In general, in the future, we hope to:

  • Grow church membership.
  • Enhance the public awareness of All Saints’ Church and what it offers.
  • Continue to use nurture courses to draw in peripheral members of the congregation.
  • Continue to offer basic teaching on the Catholic Faith - for young people and adults
  • Continue to use hand-delivered newsletters, the website and Facebook, not to mention effective use of our noticeboards, to contact the wider community.
  • Continue the practice, where possible, of advertising times when the church is open for private prayer.